Great Things to do When You’re Stoned

Getting stoned is a way of life for many marijuana enthusiasts who hate even a thought of going a day without partaking in their herbal remedies. Mail order marijuana makes life better, making even the simplest of tasks a little more enjoyable. However, even occasional smokers and marijuana users shouldn’t miss the opportunity to make this time more exciting. If you are ready to experience life’s greatest pleasures when you are stoned, check out some of the great ideas below and enjoy your high a little bit more.


Reading after smoking marijuana puts the material into a whole new perspective. You’ll evaluate the issues or the storyline a little bit deeper and may have ideas and conclusions that otherwise would’ve been missed. You’ll always find reading a little bit better after smoking a joint or otherwise enjoying a THC dose. Grab a magazine, a book or head to your favorite website to entertain yourself with a bit of reading material.

Indulge in Conversation

Indulging in conversation is one of the best high activities anyone can enjoy. Conversations are far more pleasant when in the creative mode that marijuana creates.  You’ll think deeply about the topic at hand and may even change your ideals and perspectives. Don’t hesitate to indulge in a conversation with friends, family, or even people on social media if you are ready to do something new when you’re stoned.

Watch Movies

Depending on the marijuana strain chosen you may feel a bit lazy after smoking.  On those occasions, pop a movie into the Blu-Ray player or stream from your favorite service, pop the popcorn and let the movie-watching adventures begin. Sometimes nothing feels better than kicking off your shoes and doing nothing all day long. Not a fan of movies? Binge your favorite television series instead. Whatever you prefer to watch on the screen is perfectly suitable for a day of stoned viewing.

Go for a Hike or Get Outside

Being outside improves your mood, wards of depression and can help stop allergies. Weather permitting, go outside and experience all that awaits you! There’s tons of amazing adventures awaiting you outside, whether you take a hike or simply head to the local park. It’s great exercise and doesn’t cost any money. Plus, it’s a great way to build bonds with your family and friends.

Play Games

Games should be a part of everyone’s life because they gave us a break from reality and of course, are lots of fun. They keep us young in mind and spirit. Whatever your game of choice, get it going after you’ve smoked. You’ll be an ace at a video game or score major points during a contact sport. Board games are total fun as well. Pick your favorite game style and let the fun begin.


Get those creative juices flowing by writing after you consume marijuana. Known for its creativity enhancements, marijuana can certainly put you in the mood to spill your heart and thoughts onto paper. Songs, poetry, blog posts and other material stand out when written after a smoke sesh.


Maybe exercise is the last thing on your mind after using marijuana but it shouldn’t be that way. Exercise while you’re high and every step and move that you make has a whole new purpose. Tone up your body, improve your mind and spirit and love the person that you see staring back at you in the mirror after you begin a workout regimen. Get physical for at least 30-minutes each day and in no time at all, get a new you! Your efforts can and will pay off.

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